Despite our past, the future of medicine is now!

Following a long silence in the field of psychedelic studies, we are entering a new period of medical interest in these compounds. Psychedelics are at the forefront of a new swell of research, indicating promising results for people suffering from: mental illness and depression; alcohol and tobacco addiction; end of life distress; pain and cluster headaches; obsessive compulsive disorder; and so many more ailments.


What We're Doing

Fast-tracking psychedelic research at scale.

We’re conducting psychedelic research using real world experiences combined with scientific data to improve our understanding of how psychedelic drugs, dosage, set and setting affect people’s experiences and lead to more harm-free and positive outcomes. The potential for psychedelic compounds as an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs is immense, but we need more research to advance the cause.


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Our Goals

To serve the community, educate the public, and inform common sense practices and policies.

Once we’re able to establish psychedelic best practices through data, we want to spread the knowledge and use it to responsibly inform progressive legislation.

Data Driven Insights

We’re using the power of numbers to get true insight into psychedelic usage. Our methods range from academic research studies to polling and surveys so that we get a real picture of how these compounds can be used at scale.

Lived Experience

There are countless stories out there from people who have had both immensely positive and potentially cautionary experiences with psychedelics and we want to tell them.

Our Partners and Collaborators

We believe 1 + 1 equals 3 and that’s why our partners and collaborators are a vital part of our vision.

Community Leaders

Words from our supporters:

David Bronner
We support Unlimited Sciences’ research which seeks to collect data and further understand how psilocybin benefits individuals in real-world settings...

— David Bronner

CEO, Dr. Bronners

Julian Mitchell
Unlimited Sciences' work is very important to the industry and the collective evolution of humanity.

— Julian Mitchell

Co-founder & CEO, Life Cykel

Shane Heath
We are honored to have the ability to contribute to the work that Unlimited Sciences is doing to help this cause.

— Shane Heath

Founder & CEO, MudWtr

Joseph Sheehey
It’s of the utmost importance that we play an active role in supporting breakthrough research, such as that on psychedelics being made possible by Unlimited Sciences.

— Joseph Sheehey

Founder & CEO, Cured

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